full nelsen farms

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Wrestling with conventional ideas because your health matters to us

sustainably raising cattle without the use of grain, corn, or any genetically modified feed/supplements. 


Full Nelsen Farms is a small 1200 acre ranch southwest of Vegreville, Alberta.  We run approximately 100 head of red and black Angus cattle (and a handful of sheep!)  Animals in the meat program have been born and raised on the ranch so we can be confident in knowing that they have had a strictly forage diet (grass, hay, and malt sprouts) - no grain, corn, or GMO’s - for the entirety of their life.  In addition to the cattle that find a home on this ranch, the mixture of both tame and native grasslands, as well as wooded and riparian areas provide habitats for a variety of plants, wildlife, and insects.  We take pride in the rich biodiversity of the ranch and are dedicated to preserving this for the next generation.


our product

Our beef is dry-aged for 14 days before cutting and wrapping to give you the tenderness and flavor that you expect with quality beef. 


Working with an experienced abattoir allows us to provide the cuts of beef that meet the needs of your family. Seasonings for sausage and burgers have been carefully considered for those with food sensitivities/intolerances or the regular health-conscious consumer. Beef can be purchased in 25 or 50lb variety packages, 25 or 50lb all ground-beef packages, BBQ packages (small or large), or as a whole or half side of beef. 


OUR story

Full Nelsen Farms is home to Owen and Neila Nelsen and their 3 sons, Nolan, Cameron, and Garth.


“Full Nelsen” suggests wrestling (and there is a fair amount of wrestling that goes on in a family of boys!), but the Nelsen’s are referring to their willingness to rise to the challenge of raising cattle without the use of grain, corn, or any genetically modified feed/supplements.  They also insist on practices that improve and sustain the land for use by future generations. 

Full Nelsen also highlights their desire to run a family operation where all of their children are able to contribute to the productivity of the farm at a young age.

 Working together, laughing together, and problem-solving together sets the groundwork for many life skills.  The Nelsens are enjoying watching their family grow as they strive to establish a sustainable operation that can be handed down through many generations.


Owen brings many skills and ideas to the farm that he has gained while growing up on his family’s farm near Whitecourt, through obtaining his degree in Agriculture at the University of Alberta, as well as from several years of experience working in various positions within the agriculture industry (ranches, feedlots, research operations, business consulting).    



As a pediatric occupational therapist, Neila was drawn to Owen’s holistic management practices.  Neila finds great fulfillment in working with families to help their children to be the best that they can be.  Client-centered care is at the heart of her daily practice as an OT and is the driving force behind her desire to raise beef that is healthy for her family and yours.